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Rockies are changing colour

Rockies Salt Licks are as balanced and nutritious as they always have been, specially formulated to give the correct amounts of essential minerals and trace elements to all manner of livestock. This year however you will notice that they have changed colour.


All stock manufactured from January 2019 will be a pale grey or beige colour. The exact colour of each Rockie product will depend on the levels and types of minerals and trace elements included and as these are all naturally occurring ingredients, there will always be variation from batch to batch.

The Regulation Part

From January 2019 Iron oxide is no longer permitted to be used in the manufacture of animal feed. In Rockies this is the ingredient that gives a small content of Iron but also gives the distinctive red or yellow colour that you are used to.


There is nothing wrong with Iron oxide but it is known to have less nutritional value than other forms of Iron and has therefore been removed from the list of ingredients approved for animal feed.

Do my animals still require iron?

The Iron is naturally present in many other elements and minerals and for this reason we have decided not to replace the oxide with any other form of iron. If you think you do need to supplement iron you should discuss this with your nutritionist for further advice.

Which is which?

Red Rockies will still be called Red Rockies, Yellows will still be Yellow Rockies and the packaging will look the same, it’s just the colour of the lick inside that will be new to you.

My Rockies are still coloured

You might not see this change straight away. Stock manufactured before 2019 can still be legally sold and used for the next year and in this way there is no waste of good product for merchants and customers alike.


Your local Merchant will be able to advise you further but you are also welcome to contact Rockies directly with any queries: please call 01606 595000 or e-mail

New Hoof Right for healthy hooves

The health salt lick for horses which helps to improve hoof integrity, quality and strength.


Containing Biotin and protected zinc and protected copper, Hoof Right is the proven formulation for horses, ponies and donkeys. This innovative new product is a further foothold in Tithebarn’s growing Stablemate range.


The mineralized salt lick formulation contains high levels of Biotin, and highly bioavailable sources of zinc and copper. It is suitable for unrestricted supplementary feeding to horses, ponies and donkeys.


Trust Rockies


With a reputation for the best in health salt licks, Rockies are internationally renowned for premium quality in both farm livestock and equestrian use.


Tithebarn is situated within the heart of the best European salt beds, and Rockies are manufactured from the region’s premium salt.


Hoof Right not only contains essential salt, but also vital minerals and trace elements. Hoof Right helps to replace the missing goodness in your horse or pony’s diet that is crucial to maintaining their health.


Ideal for year round use, offer free choice Hoof Right in the stable and the field as a complementary feeding stuff. Appetite will vary significantly between animals.


Keep your horse’s hooves health


  • Hoof Right can be fed to all equines as a valuable mineral supplement, with a special emphasis on hoof health
  • 40 to 60 day supply in a convenient 2kg size salt lick

Hoof Right contains:


  • Biotin
  • 3 types of zinc
  • 4 types of copper
  • 2 sources of protected zinc
  • 2 sources of protected copper
  • Aniseed Tastetite flavouring for improved intakes

Biotin when supplemented at the correct levels, has been shown to improve the growth, integrity and strength of horses’ hooves.


Zinc has been a tried and trusted supplement for improving hoof wall growth and repair. Hoof Right contains 5000mg/kg of zinc in 3 forms, with 2/3 being supplied by two different protected sources.


Copper is beneficial in the synthesis and maintenance of connective tissue in the hoof, this is why Hoof Right contains 4 separate sources of copper, half of which is supplied by protected copper for improved bioavailability.


Biotin, when fed in conjunction with protected sources of zinc and copper provides a winning formula for improving your horse’s hooves.


Caution: do NOT feed to sheep

Northern Powerhouse trade mission with Tithebarn

On the BBC, Tithebarn export’s globe-trekking Denis Sowler discusses Rockies’ advantages for local consumers and suppliers worldwide.


Denis has recently returned from south east Asia where he took part in the first ever NORTHERN POWERHOUSE trade mission.


Heavily supported by the British government, including both the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. David Cameron and the Secretary of State for Business the Rt Hon. Sajid Javid, the mission held receptions in both Singapore and Malaysia, which were attended by Denis and Tithebarn customers.


Denis was interviewed Radio 5 Live’s ‘Wake up to Money’.


You can listen here BBC Interview


Northern Powerhouse Group

The history of Rockies salt licks

Tithebarn has always been an innovative company. The first company in Europe to develop the manufacture and sale of salt licks and have led the field for the past 80 years with our Rockies brand being especially well known world-wide.

Founded by the present Managing Director’s Great Grandfather, and remaining in the same family ownership ever since, Tithebarn Limited started life in May 1935 in an upstairs room of an unpretentious office block in Tithebarn Street, Liverpool. After a particularly bad night’s bombing during the Second World War, the company’s office moved to the relative safety of Southport where it remained until being relocated to Winsford, Cheshire to be alongside our factory in 1999.

While Tithebarn started out in life selling drenches, udder rubs and remedies for colic, once the war was over the company started to develop mineral sales as more and more research into animal nutrition became available. As fast as new knowledge became available both in the UK and across the world, we adapted it to farming practice and took that knowledge in a practical way right on to the farm. This remains a principle of the company’s philosophy to this day – innovation is central to the company’s success.

Tithebarn is now structured around three sales divisions: UK Farm sales, UK Rockie salt lick sales and the Export Division. In its last full financial year, Tithebarn produced over 15,000 tonnes of salt licks, bagged minerals, feed blocks and cereal balancers. With the company’s ongoing emphasis on innovation and addressing customer needs with well trained and experienced sales people Tithebarn remains well placed to continue to serve farmers across the UK and the world at large for many more years to come.


Agricultural Products

Equine Products

Buying the Rockies you need is easy – in the UK, Europe or worldwide

There are over 300 Rockies suppliers in the UK, and a further extensive network serving Europe and the rest of the world.

And there is plenty to supply! There are over 700 Rockies formulations for different classes of stock, different diets and feeding regimes, different health optimisation requirements, and different presentation formats.

We can almost guarantee that there will be a Rockie to suit your stock and your farm. In the unlikely event that we haven’t got what you need, send us relevant farm or stock data and we’ll formulate a Rockie that is exactly right for you. We refuse to be beaten!

We’re also flexible, with the ability to produce both large and small runs, including export production for companies with established markets who want to distribute Rockies as own-branded products.

Rockies are available in 10kg, 5kg or 2kg sizes for use in fields, yards or troughs. They are designed for practicality. The hole in the 10kg and 5kg sizes enables them to be hung from posts and rails, while the 2kg size can be used with a specially designed holder for smaller pens and stables.

As they’re so weatherproof, Rockies last just as long in both covered and outdoors environments, making it easy to plan how many you’ll need. (Though again, if in doubt simply ask us for advice.)

To find your nearest Rockies supplier, use the interactive map or email us with your location for a response normally within one working day.


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Made to last longer in any weather and any climate

What makes Rockies really special is their hardness and weather resistance. Even the wettest weather won’t erode them, so they last longer and keep on delivering health benefits exactly when they’re most needed.

Rockies Saltlicks

They also, of course, withstand being licked! It’s worth pointing this out as many cheaper blocks are also poorly made and disintegrate rapidly when animals lick them. High wastage alone can make them a false economy.

Because Rockies are so failure-free and long-lasting, they are excellent and consistent value for money. Daily rates of consumption are predictable and can easily be costed so that you can assess the contribution Rockies make to your farm’s profit. For example, sheep typically consume 5-10 grammes per day for a maximum cost of less than two pence per animal.

The hardness of Rockies stems from our investment of £5m in specialist equipment to make them. Hydraulic presses capable of pressures greater than 10 tons per square inch produce salt licks of exceptional – and unrivalled – density and hardness.

Our commitment to the highest manufacturing standards guarantees that Rockies are the best salt licks money can buy. Rockies perform equally well in any environment or climate anywhere in the world.

Rockies Saltlicks


Agricultural Products

Equine Products