Rockies are changing colour

Rockies Salt Licks are as balanced and nutritious as they always have been, specially formulated to give the correct amounts of essential minerals and trace elements to all manner of livestock. This year however you will notice that they have changed colour.


All stock manufactured from January 2019 will be a pale grey or beige colour. The exact colour of each Rockie product will depend on the levels and types of minerals and trace elements included and as these are all naturally occurring ingredients, there will always be variation from batch to batch.

The Regulation Part

From January 2019 Iron oxide is no longer permitted to be used in the manufacture of animal feed. In Rockies this is the ingredient that gives a small content of Iron but also gives the distinctive red or yellow colour that you are used to.


There is nothing wrong with Iron oxide but it is known to have less nutritional value than other forms of Iron and has therefore been removed from the list of ingredients approved for animal feed.

Do my animals still require iron?

The Iron is naturally present in many other elements and minerals and for this reason we have decided not to replace the oxide with any other form of iron. If you think you do need to supplement iron you should discuss this with your nutritionist for further advice.

Which is which?

Red Rockies will still be called Red Rockies, Yellows will still be Yellow Rockies and the packaging will look the same, it’s just the colour of the lick inside that will be new to you.

My Rockies are still coloured

You might not see this change straight away. Stock manufactured before 2019 can still be legally sold and used for the next year and in this way there is no waste of good product for merchants and customers alike.


Your local Merchant will be able to advise you further but you are also welcome to contact Rockies directly with any queries: please call 01606 595000 or e-mail

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