The purest, freshest salt for
Better taste and better health

The purest and freshest salt. Better taste & health benefits

Quite simply, Rockies are the highest quality salt licks to be found anywhere on the planet.

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Pressed harder to last longer, any weather, any climate

Whatever the weather, Rockies lasts longer

Rockies last longer in any weather and any climate, their hardness and weather resistance makes Rockies really special.

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Buying the Rockies you need is easy

Buying the Rockies you need is easy - in the UK, Europe or worldwide

There are over 300 Rockies suppliers in the UK, and a further extensive network serving Europe and the rest of the world.

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New Hoof Right for healthy hooves

The health salt lick for horses which helps to improve hoof integrity, quality and strength.
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Northern Powerhouse trade mission with Tithebarn

On the BBC, Tithebarn export’s globe-trekking Denis Sowler discusses Rockies’ advantages.
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