Purest Quality

Purest Quality

The purest, freshest salt for
Better taste and better health

Quite simply, Rockies are the highest quality salt licks to be found anywhere on the planet.

We’ve been making the Rockies range of products for over 80 years, and no one knows more about the value of salt licks as a cost-effective way to improve livestock and equine health and performance.

All animals need salt – that’s understood. What isn’t so well understood is that the purer the salt, the greater its appeal – and the greater its benefits – to animals.

Many salt licks on the market contain high levels of chemical impurity. (For example, it’s not unknown to find cement used as a binding agent.) By contrast, Rockies are 99.9 per cent pure salt – better even than most table or kitchen salts. Independent tests prove repeatedly that when given a choice, animals much prefer Rockies.

All Rockies salt is over 200 million years old and is extracted daily from a source 200 metres directly beneath our manufacturing facility. It’s so exceptionally pure that we also supply the pharmaceutical industry.

Once extracted, we ensure that every finished Rockies product is never more than three hours old when sealed. This preserves an added tang that keeps most animals – cattle in particular – coming back for more. This matters because a salt lick is an ideal carrier for essential minerals and vitamins, so Rockies salt licks encourage higher intakes for better overall health and productivity.

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