Tithebarn’s Rockies are truly world-class products

Our mineral blocks are shipped as far afield as South America and Australia. We recently received the runner-up award for the North West Greater China Business Awards, which honour the companies that have made the most significant contributions to developing business or network links with China.

We supply global solutions to local problems and we are always looking for new partnerships to help bring the benefits of the Rockies product range to new markets for livestock and equine nutrition and health.

Tithebarn invests heavily in continuous research and development and farm testing. This provides a wealth of data to help farmers and livestock owners forecast the outcomes of using any Rockies product before buying. When many farm costs can be unpredictable, it makes a welcome change to be able to calculate the cost effectiveness of Rockies and the contribution they make to farm profit.

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For more information call: 01606 595022 or email: info@rockies.co.uk

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